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From satisfied clients

On Relationship Awareness

“This was an excellent course. In the end I had a better understanding of myself, my motivations, and how others perceive me. This course will definitely help me in both my personal and professional relationships.”

On Relationship Awareness

Very eye opening and helpful. Great pace and interaction. Loved seeing how the team worked together. More value than I could have imagined!

This was an excellent course. In the end I had a better understanding of myself, my motivations, and how others perceive me. This course will definitely help me in both my personal and professional relationships.

Pat Edwards, Vice President, Burns & McDonnell

Wes Linker, Project Engineer, Weston & Sampson

On Relationship Awareness

Dr. Carolyn CW Hines, President, C.W. Hines and Associates, Inc.

On Relationship Awareness

I found the course useful individually and think the team will benefit too. Overall, one of the best courses I’ve had since joining my company in 2001 (18 years now). Thanks Tina for such great delivery and facilitation.

Business Consultant, UK, Risk Management Solutions

Easy to listen to, patient, engaging. Very knowledgable. Tina Mertel’s facilitation skills are exquisite.

Dr. Carolyn CW Hines, President, C.W. Hines and Associates, Inc.

B.B., Director, Fortune 500 Financial Information Firm

On Coaching

Tina was my coach for several months, and I grew in many different ways. I now know more of who I am and realize I have all I need to create the life I envision. Both the tools she uses and her coaching skills are valuable for anyone looking for personal and professional growth.

B.B., Director, Fortune 500 Financial Information Firm

Tina is an excellent coach and teacher. She is a master at what she does.

M.S., Area Manager, Food & Beverage Company

It was a first-time coaching experience in this format. I found it very useful and dynamic. Tina (my coach) exceeded my expectations. She helped guide me with well selected/timed questions that provoked thinking and strategic considerations (intent based). She was welcoming and easy to work, which helped optimize the time. I suspect the experience will vary for different leaders, which is expected; we are different leaders. The program helped challenge the status quo and showed many potential growth opportunities as I moved into the new role. It re-informed many topics I knew and allowed me to see and tackle them in different lens. Thank you, Tina,


Below are Key success factors that I particularly appreciated 

  • Rappport establishment, trust and confidentiality in discussed topic

  • Active commitment/engagements (i.e. listening, challenging, willing to change/Adjust, try to experiment)

  • The importance of allocating time for these sessions 

M.A., Energy Company

Carol Brill, OD Consultant, Leading Healthcare Organization

On Consulting

Tina is generous with her consulting time and sharing her experience. Her consulting skills add great value to me as a coach and educator. Our organization is on a continuous journey to be the best. Tina’s thoughtful insights help us develop and deliver well-rounded learning opportunities to leaders and staff to help them better manage working relationships and do their best work.

Carol Brill, OD Consultant, Leading Healthcare Organization

On Coaching

I did interview 3 or 4 other candidates, and you were the clear choice. If I recall, it was that you didn’t immediately try to slot me into a method. The other interviews felt like pitches, and when we spoke it was more conversational. You came off intelligent and I got the impression that you would take a more personal approach.


Coaching has opened my eyes to the 51% of my job that I was ignoring! I found early success at my job by being okay at tasks, and I think any success I had was despite how I handled most relationships. As my career progressed, how I worked with the people around me became as important as the tasks I was doing, but I never really acknowledged this and as a result, was not developing those skills, and as a result, was having spottier and more erratic success and career progression. Once I became aware of and acknowledged that managing relationships is a huge component of my career, my results at work seemed to become less surprising. I can more often and more easily step back and pinpoint where and why something goes wrong (or right!), even if it has nothing to do with my work specifically. Once I started considering this aspect of my career, it became so obvious and intuitive how as why it is important. It is a diligence that I apply every single day and that I consider an invaluable component of achieving success.

Senior Vice President, Entertainment Industry

On Relationship Awareness

This is part of our LEAD program.  A management training program that is non-technical.  Our goal is to help our employees know themselves and each other better, recognize differences and embrace them.  There is no right or wrong way.

Tina was one of the few vendors that actually followed up with us as clients, after our training.  Additionally Tina helped us design several SDI Team Building Sessions which were very successful. We had a lot of questions and what if scenarios, and Tina provided real time guidance, in a prompt and professional manner. I can recommend Tina with great confidence. Tina is very competent, professional and knows the SDI Tool in an expert manner.  She teaches SDI tool and has written several professional articles about the SDI Tool.  In particular, I have shared her Leadership SDI Paper with each one of my students.

Director of HR, Architecture Firm

Employee Development Officer, US Agency

On Coaching

I was new to coaching when I met Tina. I had an idea of what to expect, but I had no idea I would get that and much more from this experience. During the coaching I received from Tina, I found new confidence and learned to act on my own leadership capabilities. Not only did this help me but also my team and the organization. Tina’s coaching was a catalyst for unleashing tools I didn’t know I had. To anyone who has a desire to enhance their leadership skills, I highly recommend working with Tina as your coach.

Marjorie Tolson, Center Director, Easterseals

On Relational Presence

I knew I enjoyed your presentation style as you modeled the way, and knew I was comfortable attempting it, but it was incredibly valuable to watch the video clips.  I am often guilty of rushing when I speak, and didn’t realize how your technique really helped to slow me down through connecting with others.  I was not conscious of it while it was happening, and was surprised watching the playback.  It helped me be more conscious of connecting and the impact on speaking, with a facilitation engagement the following day. Thank you for the great and immediately applicable learning experience!

Senior Manager, Content and Curricula, Partnership for Public Service

I learned some valuable techniques that I will build upon and practice with. I think everyone should take a course like this. (The facilitator is) Very knowledgable. She also practices what she preaches. I wish I took a course like this earlier in my career.

Senior Program Officer, Center for International Cooperation

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