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Instructional Design Consulting Services


If you are within organizational learning or performance development it can be advantageous to work with a partner to develop meaningful and effective learning experiences for those you support. From one hour presentations to two day events, the focus is kept on your desired learning outcomes incorporating highly interactive and memorable exercises. 


Examples of such design include:

  • Modules of Relationship Awareness training to support Situational Leadership programs.

In this design, leaders learned how to deliver the needed leadership style to followers by creating a strong rapport and preventing interpersonal conflict.

  • Modules of Relationship Awareness training to support Servant Leadership programs. 

In this design, leaders learned their particular values-based biases so they could be more effective at serving their followers, noting what got in the way of personal effectiveness and using new skills to avoid interpersonal conflict.

  • Modules of Relational Presence to support technical selling programs.

In this design, engineers focused on building rapport to the audience before, during, and after their presentations.

  • Modules of coaching skills for non-coaches within leadership programs.

In this design, leaders were given tools for short effective coaching interactions with staff members so not to stay in one particular style of leadership.

Available Assessment Debriefs:  MBTI, DISC, OPM 360, HOGAN, EI VIEW360, SDI


If you are interested in learning more about your results from these popular assessments, one hour to one day debrief events are available centered on these areas of personality and 360 feedback tools:  MBTI, DISC, HOGAN, OPM 360, EI VIEW360, SDI.  Learn how you are the same and how you are different from those you work with. Learn how others see you, and steps towards building your skills communicating with others for better results.


Keynote Speaker


When you require an outside presenter, Meaningful Coaching provides solid, practical information from the field of human development. Topics include: Meaningful Coaching, Relational Presence, Productive Relationships, Resolving Conflict, Time Management, Stress Management, Managing Your Nutrition, Influencing Others, Boosting Your Creativity, among others.  Past keynotes and concurrent sessions are listed here.

To inquire on any additional services, please complete the form below.

Meaningful Coaching

“Tina Mertel was an integral part of our team that developed the pilot certification program for Servant Leadership. Her training expertise was evident in every aspect of the development process. She had an excellent grasp of the big picture and we could always count on her to attend to the details that made this program so effective. She also was a great training facilitator. I highly recommend Tina as a conscientious team member and a well rounded leadership training expert. ”

Marion Moss Hubbard, Director of Education & Training, San Diego Leadership Initiative

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