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Learn to develop ease and power when presenting to others

using Relational Presence.

Others - 2-things
Meaningful Coaching

Imagine a group member in front of any audience, feeling absolutely at ease and delivering a high-impact presentation. Whether individuals have public speaking anxiety or simply want to express themselves with greater clarity, Relational Presence practice will guide individuals to reach an effortless authenticity. The main goal of this practice is cultivating presence - creating a real connection to oneself and the listener. The effects of this practice include influencing others, building trust, and realizing one's power. It’s the core ingredient of having executive presence.

What is the difference between this and other public speaking courses?

In other presentation skills courses (i.e., Toastmasters), the purpose is to develop competence and professionalism. The primary purpose in Relational Presence is to develop confidence, ease and presence; and a natural outcome of this is group members become more authentic and competent speakers.


Each attendee receives their own video of their work so they can see themselves and identify where they'd like to improve. No pre-requisite or pre work is required, just a willingness to improve and learn effective ways of speaking comfortably and confidently in front of others.

Meaningful Coaching

Relational Presence used in Speaking Circles was created in 1989 by Lee Glickstein when a lifetime of stage fright motivated him to develop a radical approach to authentic and effective public speaking. This process of discovery led him to a deep understanding of the principles of natural communication by being present to oneself while being present to an audience.

“I stumbled into a subtle core principle of group dynamics that could be isolated in the service of systematically dissolving chronic self- consciousness in a gentle and respectful manner.”

"I knew I enjoyed your presentation style as you modeled the way, and knew I was comfortable attempting it, but it was incredibly valuable to watch the video clips.  I am often guilty of rushing when I speak, and didn’t realize how your technique really helped to slow me down through connecting with others.  I was not conscious of it while it was happening, and was surprised watching the playback.  It helped me be more conscious of connecting and the impact on speaking, with a facilitation engagement the following day. Thank you for the great and immediately applicable learning experience!"

Senior Manager, Content and Curricula, Washington D.C.

Group Leaders

The benefits of supplying your team with Relational Presence training are many.

Participants learn to:

  • Develop positive, long-term professsional impact on others.

  • Regulate their autonomous nervous system and that of those around them so that communications are not compromised by stress or anxiety.

  • Communicate from tuning into others and themselves to inspire the kind of trust and loyalty that maximizes productivity.

  • Develop their own authentic leadership presence with others.

  • Relational Presence training can be given to all group sizes, with the preferred size being 8-15 participants.  Customization to specific group needs (i.e., sales groups, technical skills, customer interactions) is optional.

“If leaders are bent over their smart phones rather than paying attention to an employee presenting in front of them, how can they possibly make the most informed decision about the topic being discussed?

Being truly present -- feeling yourself in your seat, noticing your breath, being aware of emotions as they arise and focusing on listening and the body cues of those around you -- can improve quality interactions in the workplace.” 

“How Science Can Inform Good Leadership”

Richard J. Davidson, Ph.D.

Center for Healthy Minds

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