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How you choose to communicate with others either adds to your chance of success or it blocks it from happening. Learn to raise your emotional intelligence.

Others - 2-things
Meaningful Coaching
Meaningful Coaching
Others - group leaders


In communication there is a sender and at least one receiver. What gets in the way of your message being received by others as intended? Paying attention to the values held by the other will assist with the success of your message.


Using concepts from Relationship Awareness theory and Emotional Intelligence will show you why some ways of communicating work with some people, while these same ways may not work with others. You will become masterful at recognizing how others can be influenced, and how to avoid conflict in your relationships.


By completing a values assessment called the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and experiencing practical, skill-based exercises, you will be better able to predict the outcome of your communication, and make better choices to get the results you need. Additional assessments include MBTI, DISC, Hogan, and the EI360. MBTI focuses on the differences of personality type, DISC looks at differences in behavioral styles, Hogan helps you see how you manage how you are perceived by others, and the EI360 narrows down strengths and development areas of emotional intelligence. No matter which assessment you choose, you are assured skill development and new ways of creating success in your relationships.

Group Leaders

The benefits of supplying your team with Relationship Awareness training are many.

  • Decrease conflict among team members to become productive again.

  • Increase sales from your sales professionals assisting them with critical interpersonal skills.

  • Whether your team is public-facing or internal-only, having strong influencing skills saves time and headaches.

  • Help technically proficient team members learn the fundamentals of relationship management to keep your ROI in the black.

  • Add SDI modules into any people development program such as: Teambuilding, Influence, Conflict Prevention, Customer Service, Selling Skills.

  • Scalable to the audience you need to serve, both in duration and size of audience.

  • Relationship Awareness training can be given to all group sizes, with the preferred size being 8-15 participants. Customization to specific group needs (i.e., sales interactions, influencing up, difficult customer interactions) is optional.

"You did a wonderful job running the seminar. I found your approach to be open and easy to understand. Plus, your analogies were always dead on. I received very positive feedback from everyone. Thanks to you I believe we made some major progress towards mutual understanding and respect at our firm."

Tom Trapp, President

Bear Brook Design

"This was one of the most valuable courses I have attended, full of a-ha's. Tina's illustrations were a highlight of the course. Tina was top-notch. Her approach, knowledge, and professionalism were superb!"

Jayne Gnadt, North American Operations Manager


"Your facilitation of our workshop was excellent and done with expertise, gentleness, and professionalism. Particularly impressive was your modeling of the relationship awareness principles at various times -- putting the theory into practice -- there is no better way for students to learn the ropes."

Lou Martucci, Scientist


"This woman is one heck of  a workshop presenter!!!  She trains on the Strength Deployment Inventory...the SDI / Relationship Awareness Theory. I can not tell you how impressed I am with the material,  but  with Tina's presentation, as well. ( yep, I still compare and contrast my stuff' with every other trainer I study with) SDI is, by far, THE best way to talk about soft skills in a concrete fashion."

Denise Schaller

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