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But How Do I Do It?  With One-On-One Coaching!
One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching supports you in discovering what there is know about your relationship to yourself and your goals, and to notice what gets in your way. Coaching supports you in creating action steps to realize your potential. Through powerful questions and active listening, your coach supports you in busting through barriers, revealing underlying truths, and accessing your power.


You have the option of using an Emotional Intelligence 360 feedback tool to help you define your coaching goals. Perhaps gaps in Self-Management, Relationship Management, or Communication may be holding you back.


You have ideas on how things can improve. Who will ask you the deeper questions to move these ideas forward in a way that’s satisfactory to you? Friends, family, colleagues will be biased in their support. A coach is trained in placing you front and center.

All great leaders have their resources – whether they be people or tools or technology. Develop your growing edge – dive deep to learn the type of leader you are – it takes courage to work with a coach in this way.

Meaningful Coaching

You are invited into the possibility of a better relationship to yourself, creating your life by design, and learning to integrate how you are being with what you are doing in the world. Coaching assists you to reach and sustain a place of fulfillment. By working together with a coach you discover your deeper wisdom and learn what needs to happen next. Coaching is a process that requires a belief in change and possibility.


The most popular coaching topics include: Leadership, Career Performance, Change Management, Communication and Influence, Financial Success, Life Balance, Stress Management, Priority Management, Well Being, Practicing Presence, and Building Relationships.  

Group Leaders

Partner with a coach for your team, staff or department

Group Leaders

The benefits of supplying your team with a coach are many:

  • Saves time and money as one coach learns the company culture and dynamics, and employees don’t need to repeatedly educate the coach.

  • Using a coach is an effective post-workshop learning opportunity – to instill skills developed and lessons learned from the workshop content.

  • Instills the skills of self-leadership in your employees.

  • Saves time in vetting your coaches for the coaching pool each year as rating systems and feedback loops can be implemented for quality control and effective coaching ROI.

  • Creates group synergy and results when group coaching is used.

"To be able to listen to oneself is a prerequisite for the ability to listen to others;  to be at home with oneself is the necessary condition for relating oneself to others"

- Erich Fromm

"I've been working with Tina six months now. Tina is a remarkable person as well as a life/business coach. Her creativity on the job is inspirational. That's what I like about her the most: it matters to me what she says, because she has so much integrity...and that motivates me when working with her. Her top qualities are providing great results, high integrity, and creative."

Douglas Capozzalo, MBA

Technology Training Consultant

"I'm working with Tina to access power and change in several areas of my life and have seen significant results. I have a stronger sense of my value at work, and my capabilities outside of work. Her coaching provides the ramp from which I can take off and create the results I want. In my career, I have seen results with our clients that other colleagues weren't able to attain and had tried for several years. I realize this success comes from me, and Tina supported me in the courage to practice a new set of skills. I'm looking forward to creating what's next!"


International HealthProfessional

Washington D.C.

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