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Meaningful Coaching in the Media, Press, and Publications
Meaningful Coaching

If you coach others, this book will support you in relating to your clients by customizing your coaching to their values.


Why do people have a desire to work with a coach? Simply said they want to create an end state, and have found that they get in their own way.  Working with a coach is a courageous act. Inherent in the request for coaching is a yearning to see and to remove obstacles. 

As a coach, you will be asked to speak to those obstacles – to poke at places of fear and insecurities, all in the service of the client. How you relate to your client is paramount. After all, its not all fun and games you are sharing, you are invoking inquiry and challenging the client’s assumptions. This could be fertile ground for conflict unless your client relationship is one of understanding and respect.


How do you relate to your client? This book provides a method of recognizing your values, and those of your client. By recognizing values, becoming related is a natural product. It paves the way for your client to reach outside the comfort zone and create results. Your presence and listening of your client’s values brings the client meaning. Are you prepared for such a task? You can provide coaching or you can provide meaningful coaching. The choice is yours.

Meaningful Coaching

CLO Magazine: 

How to Listen for Values

How your own values can bias you towards relating to certain people while missing out on connecting to others who could help you achieve your goals.

Meaningful Coaching


Influencing Empathy in Your Organization

Is it possible to change the behavior of others, a department, or even the organization?

Is the Coaching You're Getting Good?

How to recognize if you are receiving coaching skills that are backed by the International Coach Federation.

Meaningful Coaching

Industrial and Commercial Training Journal: 

What Every Leader Should Know About Becoming a Servant Leader

The authors used a servant leadership competency assessment and values assessment with leaders in a healthcare organization. By citing several leadership experts, and explaining how values relate to servant leadership behaviors, the authors offer a way to help leaders understand that anyone can improve their success with servant leadership.

Using Meaningful Coaching for Maximum Results

This paper is for coaches (or those who coach) to consider: how their own values affect the coaching interaction; and how customizing their communication to align with the client's values can create better results.

Meaningful Coaching


Solving Stage Fright Is a Relational Process

During the process of public speaking, facilitators not only have to manage their engagement with the audience, but they also have to manage the relationship they have to themselves.

Spurring Innovation

Working with the VP, HR at Diesel, the use of Relationship Awareness supported key relationship and project management skill training.


Learning Professionals as Coach

How learning professionals can add aspects of coaching to their toolbox in helping their business partners achieve their goals.

Meaningful Coaching


A Way to Be

The practice of Relational Presence is an exploration that takes place in an intelligent field of kind regard and spacious listening.

Meaningful Coaching

Quoted in SheKnows: 

How to deal when one partner is extroverted and the other is introverted.

How extroverts and introverts can learn from each other rather than create confict with each other.

Meaningful Coaching

Quoted in SUCCESS Magazine:

How to Deal with Negative People.

Learn to find the good. “Catch people doing something right every day, and tell them what you see,” says Tina Mertel, author of Meaningful Coaching.

Meaningful Coaching

Quoted in Business Management Daily:

Don't Let Work Conflicts Get You Down.

"Consider the other person’s motivations." says Tina Mertel

“I spent the weekend with the book, Meaningful Coaching, before conducting a series of one-on-one sessions. I had already planned out how I intended to use the time with each person, but after reading this book, I made a key shift. The insights I gained helped me to quickly get to what my clients genuinely cared about and to uncover not only their work ahead for the business but in several cases a part of their life's work as well..”

Lilly Hewitt, Principal, Common Ground Associates

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