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Having a great relationship with others depends on two things.

How am I being in front of others?   How am I communicating and influencing others?

Others - 2-things

How am I being with others?

  • Am I nervous?

  • Am I anxious?

  • Am I always in my head?

  • Am I in the future?

  • Am I wondering what they are thinking of me?

  • I think I have stage fright.

  • I’m great at my job, and then I cringe in front of others.


How does one get to feel comfortable speaking in front of others?


Learning the techniques of Relational Presence supports individuals in becoming dynamic speakers while finding ease and confidence at the front of the room. 

How am I communicating to others?

  • Do I lose others?

  • I’ve got to influence others.

  • Do I often get into conflict with others?

  • Or just a few folks that always irritate me?

  • Why don’t they listen?

  • They say I’m harsh.

  • They say I’m timid.


How you communicate your content matters.


Using the concepts from Relationship Awareness, one learns to deliver communication that creates win-win outcomes and builds relationships. 

Others - group leaders
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